Welcome to Harmonic Evolution podcast. I'm Joe Heller, your host, your guide, and I am honored to have Reverend Michael Shane. Reverend Shane is a physical medium and a spiritual teacher Reverend Shane has spent his life connecting with the Ascended Masters of Shambala to bring forth their teachings and principles into the world this three-dimensional world we live in. Reverend chain offers healing instruction, direction direct application, so individuals can strengthen and fully realize their connection to the spiritual world, their guides and their masters as well as work directly with the Ascended Masters. In the lady masters of Shambala, if a student seeks the calling, so welcome, Michael, this is a real thrill to have you here because there's just so much I want to get into. And it's just like, Wow. I mean, they're obviously there's so few physical mediums on the planet. So why don't we start there? Because I'm sure people and I've met James Vaughn, Prague and a few others. So can you talk about the difference between a physical medium, and then a just a traditional, I guess, medium, and how you kind of came down this path?

Well, the differences between mediums. And the first thing I want to say one isn't any better, or any less than the other. All gifts given to us by God and everybody has one it's just a question or an issue of finding what it is. But there are differences I mean, with everything, you know, you Like in a football team, you have your quarterback and you got your offense Do you know? But there's mental mediums like you mentioned James Vaughn, Prague and John Edwards who are very, very talented individuals that speak to meet people's loved ones to give closure and information to those that are grieving. And they do that through hearing him seen spirit. Hmm, that's what a mental mediumship is. In reality, it has nothing to do with the mind. See, but they call it mental mediumship in more you probably be better to call it spirit connection mediumship

or psychic mediumship. Then you have the trance mediums which are those that go into trance and as Spirit will come into their body and utilize the physical body to communicate to people or like a seance mic. Or that one's a seance. Yes. Okay, but it's usually done in red light. Where the idea of a transfiguration medium came from, because in a red light setting in a dark room, when the medium is inside the seance cabinet, not using a seance trumpet, the spirit comes into the body, their body tends to, to kind of shift and change into a very close, familiar appearance of the spirit that's taking over the body. Wow. And then you end up seeing all these different orbs and things floating around. And it's a pretty exciting thing. The other one is handwriting medium I'm sure your listeners and yourself have heard of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, yes, his wife was a hand handwriting medium. And what would happen is an automatic handwriting medium would use the opposite hand to write from what they normally write with. So if you're right-handed, the spirit world would use the left hand if you were left-handed, they would use the right because then your control factor isn't as connected to the opposite side as it is the one that you normally use. So it's easier for spirit to use. 

Now if you use both, then I guess they just flip a coin go and I'd actually heard that before in reading some of Dolores cannons stuff is that when let's say she You're gonna connect for the past life through her client. And that past life was left-handed, they would write in the left hand and it would be anything from a completely different language, such as even ancient languages like Sanskrit or cuneiform or Sumerian cuneiform. So it's fascinating the way that this can kind of come through the body.

Oh, we are truly all of us are connected. You see, especially the mother to their child, some mothers through what they call a symbiosis of their record. Uh-huh. their child could be on the other side of the world. And they're going through some sort of trauma, and the mother on the opposite side of the world can feel it. Yeah. To give you an example, everyone knows who Gladys Presley was. Elvis Presley's mother, yes. She always knew when he was on the road when something was wrong. And she would describe what she was feeling to him when he would call and in one specific incident, their car caught on fire and they had you know, in his mom saw the fire and all of that. And so she was really connected, the more connected that one person is depending on how sensitive you are and how emotional one it can be. To net would that also apply to obviously twins, correct? Same thing. And then what if a twin because you might have one twin that's a star seed and then one twin that may just be incarnate as in this world for the multiple times and maybe not a star seed. So I understand those maybe have a less of a connection or it does it really matter do you think?

I don't think it matters because they're hanging out in the same space for No see mom? Yeah, you know and they're together pretty much their whole life at least when they're at home anyway.

But, the connection, because we're all connected, is still there. So I would think that it wouldn't matter. I don't know for sure, but I would think that it would matter I I have known some twins in my life and I even know a set of twins that still wear the same clothes. Wow. And they're my age now.

Wow. So they're 31 ish.

Yeah, thank you.

So yeah, I interrupted you, you were talking about the red light and apportioning and so I know you weren't going to finish that story. Because then I really want to ask you your origin story like all superheroes because your talent, your ability, and I know all gifts are equal, but it's pretty amazing. What you can do in this gift from the Ascended Masters that has, I guess, open some gates for people to see a greater understanding of the otherworldly realms through you?

Um, well, in regards to the Transfiguration, red light sans, I pretty much told you about as much as I can there. I could probably talk about it for over an hour, but just that one, that one element alone.

But in my case, how I got involved was I really didn't have a choice.

You're volunteered.

In my grandmother. She knew Marjorie Crandon. I don't know who that is. She was one of the old mediums the one that passed the Houdini test.


And Houdini tried to get upset because she keeps passing in His tests and so he tried to set her up as a fraud on his own and got caught by the Spirit that was coming through her. And so he, and he still hasn't paid her to $10,000 reward to pass his test. So well, I would imagine the interest on that now she'd be it's probably a pretty good paycheck.

Yeah, I would think so. That was what 1920s Yeah, I think so. I would say $10,000 now, could be worth close to 2 million, maybe nice. I don't know. My math isn't very good. So anyway, um, that led her to meet an individual in Seattle, Washington, who was studying this book called The Eurancher book and had these teachings of these masters from Shambala. And this comes from the Theosophical Society. Helena Blavatsky. Yeah, the optical society. She was the first medium physical phenomena medium to introduce the Ascended Masters to the physical world. The three there's a picture of her sitting in a chair with three of those masters standing behind her. That was St. Germain comes to me and l Moria.

And if I'm correct, Michael, is she the first woman that was ever trained by Tibetan masters?

That's correct. That is correct.

You know, as James Brown says, in one of his songs, it's a man's world. In those days, it kind of was right, though today. It's not. You know, I'm not sure whose world this is right now.

Well, like going back to the future. I think the professor would tell Marty whenever you Do Marty don't go to 2020?


Yeah. And look at what happened. Um, well, the point, though, I mean, Michael, I mean, you're up. But yeah, back in those days you had What? Helena Blavatsky. And then Alice Bailey. I mean, two women that really kind of shaped spirituality the world we live in today.

Yes. And in fact, Marjorie Crandon, who I mentioned earlier, she was instrumental in how women got the right to vote. Wow. She was married to an upper-class surgeon, Dr. I believe it was in Philadelphia. Somewhere in that arena, and she had these gifts that her husband thought it was kind of neat. So he would have so his elite, rich, upper-class people will come over to his house and she would do events and stuff and every once in a while, she Go out and do stuff publicly you know and when he was working because you know if you're a surgeon you're not home that often, right? And that was even the case in those days. And she is in a seance, a spirit by the name of I believe his name was Dr. Black Hmm. Or no, that was Edgar Casey's sleeping prophet. He got his information from a spirit called Dr. Black. You don't read much about that anymore.

For some reason, but that was the case but she had a spirit that came through and told all of these upper-class women in society, you know, in society to go down to the White House under designer outfits and pick it for the right to vote. Well, they took it one step further than that. They did get into their designer outfits. They went down to the White House with their signs and everything. But they chained themselves to the White House fence.

Wow, wow, that's crazy.

I actually read about that happening. Not the part about the seance. You have to go into another area to find that information. But that was one of the instrumental reasons why women got the right to vote. Awesome, which they should have been given the right to vote, you know, after the scenario with Jesus because He was teaching equality, that women were just as important as equal as men were.

That's correct. And a lot of people don't realize how many women followers Jesus had. Mary Magdalene was actually my understanding, a high priestess from Egypt, which is one of the That they communicate well together is because they were very aligned with their teachings and eventually became his wife.

Yes, I wasn't gonna go down that path. But yes, tantric sex in a whole type of which could be a whole different podcast for us, Michael, just to kind of give a little thing.

I've been writing a book about his life including the missing years His Spirit has come to me and told me all these different stories that's also about his life in I'm not sure if everything is good that he has told me I'm going to write it in there because I'm worried about the controversy that may arise because of some of the information but yes, it was Mary Madeline's parents are from Egypt. She was actually born in Israel.

I did not know that. But that's interesting. And But to your point, I would think that with everything breaking loose in 2020, this is the Great Awakening, I would say included because, I mean, there's been so much controversy around Jesus's as you were just talking about missing years and obviously those of us that are kind of following that path know that he was in India and receive certain teachings and, and other places that he had traveled to, which are not in the doctrine, probably in the archives in the Vatican.

Like his master teacher, Maitreya, who, yes, in India, you know, wonderful master teacher, he is so anyway, to my story is a long story. So I'm going to make it I'm going to give you the short of it, please, if I know how to do that. When my mother was 15 years old, she was she went to this church called me The Aquarian foundation in Seattle Washington not too far from where they just recently had all the riots and stuff.

Interesting and she was 15 years old and she was told by a spirit in a seance through a medium by the name of Reverend Keith Milton Reinhart that she was going to have a baby boy that was going to be born July 4 1963 11:59 am and that I would have these gifts this boy would have the similar gifts as the medium wow trained by the by this medium and that she wasn't to raise me that the church would raise me as an avatar nice now my I do have a little bit of an ego but not to the point where I think I'm some sort of avatar or God child like they treated me in those days they put like a big blue stripe on your right here, Michael I think that's yeah

I'm no I'm not going there.

But we know we know what your next Halloween costume is gonna be.

I think it was gang stuff.

Every once in a while I come out wearing robes and stuff. But that's for another purpose not to be egotistically inclined there. So I ended up being born on July 2 1963 1159. Wow, everything was correct. Except for the day. They missed the day by two days. But I've always been told that was because I was in a hurry over here. So I was born on a Tuesday. And I was in my very first seance that following Sunday. And I didn't make a sound through the whole seance.

Wow, that's an interesting baptism.

Yeah. And, you know, because there's a higher consciousness that's getting training this you know, that I mean, I might have been in that, you know, little body Google, you know and stuff but there's another part of us that's that exists called the heart consciousness mind. Yeah. Know, the heart-mind consciousness,

especially that age because you're wide open you just came in, right? I mean, you are wide open and most of us aren't like six years old.

Right? And it was I remember my birth and I remember those days even to details of people were wearing and I told my grandparents, what my grandfather was wearing. When he came to see me through the glass at the hospital. You know, remember, remember those days used to go stand behind the glass. There's my son, you know, that kind of thing?

Yeah, with a cigarette, right? This is my son in the hospital. Right?

And, and… Oh, I lost my thought.

So you would just be in your seance you were able to tell everybody what they were wearing what they were doing kind of like an out of body experience. When you do like a transition from this world and you're in you get pulled back, you could see everybody in the hospital room in the circle.

It was a chaotic day because I died three times. And my mom died twice. Wow. While I was trying to be born. And I believe I was saying you know what, I don't want to deal with this. I'm out of here.

After seeing your soul is like God no, no, thank you.

But so because of in those days religion was a big stickler in the hospitals. So the doctor went out and told my grandparents you know, which one do you want us to save? Because some religions save the mother other religions even child right like crazy. My grandfather, I was told this because I wasn't out there to see it. But he grabs the doctor by his white coat. tells him you say both of them were you better not show your face out here again. And he ended up saving both of myself and my mom. I love that story. You know. And then I, my grandmother was the lady that helped Reinhardt do the books, she set up the event, she ran the church for him. And all he had to do was come in and do his thing. And I ended up living with her and a few other people in the church as kind of passed around like a hot potato there for a while. And those were what I call my happy years.

So do you think you're just kind of indoctrinated in this higher energy and you're playing kind of like the old Frank Sinatra song playing in the stars are among the star so it just kind of like permitted within your physical avatar your body?

Well, to be honest, I milked it for everything I could up to me on a Sunday and say they would call me a little queasy because I was named after my biological birth name is Keith Milton, Lester. Okay. And I was named after him. And they would ask me if I if I had breakfast, I'm hungry. You know, they would take me over to the Safeway where they had this deli to buy me some breakfast. But really, all I wanted was a milkshake.

And I'll get one, right.

Yeah. And my grandma would say, don't do that. You know. I got a lot of good memories from those days. And I was, you know, was treated very special spoilt. People would give me money, candy, birthdays and Christmases were just undescribable

Wow, payment in advance. I like that.

Yeah. And people would, I mean, I'm four or five years old people want me to come up and do healings on them? Uh,

well, I was gonna ask you about that. So, obviously, we talked briefly about the A portion. I want to jump back into that in a second. But I also believe through some of the material I read, that you do hands-on healing and remote distance healing, is that correct?

Correct. Now, when I was about six years old, Saint Germain whispered in my ear, now you do know you're not healing these people. And I thought about that. I said, What do you mean? You are aa avenue a vehicle, a tool. Think of yourself as a hammer. The Hammer does not build the house until someone comes along and picks it up. And I think he what he was doing was trying to help me not to lose my egotistical, negative side, right. Don't get into that I heal you. And truthfully, you're being used as a vehicle to help people believe in themselves enough to heal themselves.

Right But that's also something you were chosen for. I mean, not all of us are chosen for something like that, especially, it's six years old. That's, that's pretty amazing.

It was and, and it's just I think it's wonderful and amazing, but I also feel that Everybody, you know, has the ability to heal themself. I agree. Because, you know, they're the ones that created the issue in the first place. Yep. No, if you're the one that writes the map to the treasure, right, then you should probably be able to find the treasure.

Exactly, yeah, we just become disharmony, disharmonious. We don't really know how to get back in sync. And so, I kind of see us as a, if you will cymatic wave pattern that, like Dr. Emoto. His work, when you have this corrupt is just negative or disharmonious thinking the whole wave becomes disharmonious, which causes corruption. Aging does disease within the avatar of the body.

Right. And disease will eventually come into disease.

Right, exactly. So let's jump back to reporting because I find that fascinating And I want my listeners to really kind of get their head wrapped around it. And I through the videos, I was like, wow, this is like so crazy cool. Because I'm watching you a port in reporting really is kind of, I guess opening a spiritual gate through different parts of your body. And what's the physical mediumship is, is you're actually bringing through gold jewels, I mean a number of different things, including, I think one we were talking before the show, a 1300 karat with Sapphire, Blue Sapphire. 

And then one of the other really fun ones for me was when you were talking about holding a class and there was a puppy in a car and the puppy was like going crazy and you imported the brought the puppy in or Saint Germain brought the puppy in, and he jumped out of your belly and onto the lap of the owner and it was in your class. I mean, I was like, had to wrap my head around porting living like puppies. I was like, Oh my god, that's so cool. Ever needs to go shopping again?

Well, I remember that day that was in Renton, Washington. And we were doing a seance and there was my helper. Her name was Pat. She had this dog named chipper and we left with my car was parked just outside of the window next to the dance room. Uh huh. This little dogs out there, get get get get, you know, and people were getting cranky because they couldn't hear what spirit was saying. And one guy says, you know, he makes a comment about getting a refund because you know, and the next thing you know, and I'm in trance, so I didn't know this, it happened. And so the dog comes through and jumps out into the audience in pitch dark conditions and is able to find The, you know, hit her, her owner. And so jumped up in her lap and sat quietly for the rest of the seance. Now that gentleman afterward wanted my car keys and I go, what do you want my car keys for? And he says, I want to go look in your car and see if there's a recording device with a dog barking. And so he goes out and he looks he doesn't find anything.

Are you serious? Okay, I thought he was like joshing

No, and he was in a suit, you know, with a tie and a suit coat and everything. So he asked, he says, Can I go under the house because there was this the section where you can crawl under and right in the old houses right on the pier beam.

Yeah, this house was built in the 1920s. Right. And he goes under there. He takes his coat, jacket coat off, but he goes under there. With his tie his shoes, his slacks, and nice shirt and all that, you know, and as soon as he sees under there for 45 minutes now what he's looking for is a trap door. Right? Right. And he doesn't find anything and he notices no one's been under there because of where the cobwebs were and they were undisturbed when he ruined his outfit. I mean, when he came because it rained the day before. And, but he just couldn't wrap his mind around and says I just don't believe it. And so he never went public or anything to say anything negative and never seen and heard from him again. But, um, you know, it's just hard for people to imagine now.

Well, Michael, to that point real quick. I mean, even for me because I was like, Okay, I can see a porting or bringing through the spiritual realm non Living materials like joules and go, but when I watched that video, I was like, really living materials can be imported through a body that's like crazy and it's like, could give a whole new meaning to the virgin birth if you will, because it's just something that was kind of beyond my comprehension I've got I got my head wrapped around it now, but it was like, wow, that's and I would imagine, even as a physical medium, there's probably very few physical mediums that can aport living material through their body.

Um, I have not heard of any I'm not even Keith Reinhardt. But that doesn't really mean it doesn't take anything away from anything that any of them I'm sure, you know, but you got to think in terms of quantum physics. In reality, there is no distance between point A and point B. Okay, the closest distance between two points is not a straight line. It's where you take the two points and put them in the same space and time. So you're folding space and time, which is where the reality of, of existence really is. Because the past, present, and future exists simultaneously, like for instance, right now, you're still going through your childhood. And you're also going through your future, and you're going through the now. It's just this element of your consciousness is here. There's another element of your consciousness. That's is in the tomorrow, and another one that's in the past. 

You see yesterday, well, that's brilliant. As a matter of fact, right before we jumped on this call, I did a video for my YouTube channel, and I talked about past lives and future lives. And then I threw some monkey wrenches in there around. They don't need to be linear so you can actually go back and have a past life that wasn't there from a current life because you've developed something in this life. That needs to be developed in the past life, he actually has it in this lifetime. So looking at the observer being the observer observed who's being the observer. So it's really kind of a house of mirrors, if you will, which is interesting because I understand exactly what you're saying in that perspective. It's fascinating. That you're right, it's the points are together, there is no separation. It's almost like being on a computer, hard drive people, like run and play these games and climb mountains and swim through rivers and rowboats, but that one piece of code never moves from that one spot on that hard drive. And yet, they're all over the world, but that one piece of code are in the game, and that one piece of code never moves.

Right? And it's kind of like an illusion. Right? And we are sitting in the illusion everything that you see around us. Is it the way that it truly is? And I have come to realize that the physical world in the spirit world are one in the same?

That's why we loved ones and spirits and stuff are still there with us that we sometimes see them. Because we're, we're in the same space as they are, because of the conscious mind and the experience that we're going through relative to this side of the veil. We see this right. See. I was working with a scientist. His name was Edward Wilson. lived in Boulder, Colorado up in the mountains. He was the very first scientist to test me at the heartmath Institute in California.

Oh, yeah. Great. Great place. Yes, yes.

I met Dr. Childers. He was a he was a riot.

Raleigh is his first name I think. Well, Raleigh, I think is his first name. Yeah, Holly. Yes.

A wonderful man. I don't know if he's still alive or not. This was back in the 90s. But who knows he could still be around but anyway, he was studying the healing effects of sound. Yeah, as a time heartmath you know, so in one of the scenarios

I was in trance describing the crucifixion of Jesus. Wow. Because I, I was astral projecting my consciousness back to those to that time. And the machine that they had me hooked up to stated that I believed what I was seeing wasn't saying that I was really seeing what I was describing. But it was basically saying that I believed it. Meaning I wasn't making it up. I was seeing it in my mind and It was there even down to the emotional level of the experience. And I gotta say, the Mel Gibson movie has nothing on what really happened to the poor guy. Wow. Do you know? I did a seance I believe it was in Lilydale New York and his finger we were doing a paraffin wax fingerprint where he materialized his hand and he put his hand down in the wax and the finger was broken.

And, and I was told that that was because when he was being tortured one of his fingers, you know, was was was, was broke, right when he was on the cross. He was tortured. Are you talking about when he was actually carrying across the city when he was trying to when they were trying to nail him on his wrists, the hammer, went hit the finger and it broke his finger and twisted it back. Wow. And so it showed that on the handprint but with Ed Wilson I then did what a thing of the past life regression. This gentleman that I was that was working with me at the time. His name was Reverend Weston Bailey, who recently passed away a couple of years ago. He basically is the guy that brought me out of lethargy. You know, I was going down the deeper rabbit hole in those days.

I understand life. but anyway

I would astral project myself out of my body into the throat chakra of the individual. I'd be able to go in and see past lives, medical issues, childhood stuff, present-day stuff. I'd see all this stuff by etherial. And I described I'm looking at his blood.

And I'm describing something that I thought was kind of peculiar. I said, I see these Jelly Bean, looking things being devoured by these round plate looking things. And Mr. Wilson stood up in the chair. He turned absolutely white and said, I don't believe this. I just don't believe this. But it happened was I had described as leukemia. Now, nobody that was there in the room other than Him, knew he had leukemia.


And if you looked at it under The microscope that's what it looks like. And, and only people that knew that he had leukemia was him, his doctor, his wife, his wife wasn't there and I didn't know his doctor and, and so there was no way that I could have known that he had leukemia. So he, so that led me to a place called the heartmath Institute. I'm sorry, the subtle energy and in energy medicine organization, which used to be out of Boulder, Colorado, and another group, a gentleman by the name of Jerry Pittman, PhD.

He also passed away a number of years ago, and he did some studies on me too. And then recently, another gentleman out of Heidelberg, Germany, a car cruise, huh. He did. Some thermal imaging infrared he was actually there present with his equipment when I did the 1300 carat Sapphire. Wow, that's that was under scientific conditions. Wow. And then he did a voice analysis where he was testing my voice along with the other voices that were coming through the seance. And all five of them came from different voice signatures which is not even rich little could have created that.

I would say that most of my listeners probably don't know who this little is. But if you get a chance Google Rick's a little look up some of his YouTube videos because he's a classic comedian that had all these crazy voices. It was just a brilliant guy.

So he did a really good Nixon.

He did Exactly, yes. And of course, some of our listeners probably don't know who Richard Nixon is. I am not a crook.

Well, Mike, we have something in common because I was actually born in 63 as well. So we are kin kindred spirits from back in the day of. Yeah, unfortunately, the JFK assassination. 

So a couple of questions is so the 1300 carat and I know that you go through incredible prep relative to making sure that in the scientific conditions, you're put in a box, your mouth is taped, you're kind of handcuffed to a chair. So there's really no way you can fake these jewels and gold and jewelry coming through. I mean, you're just there's just no way I mean, you're searched and all this sort of stuff. You're never left alone. So when you aport these, these items, let's say you've mentioned a trance Is there like a gate that opens Can you see the port, the apportioned, let's say the jewel or the ring or whatever it might be? Can you see it in your mind's eye before it comes out? Or does it just come out? And it's just it's, I guess everything selected by the Ascended Masters, mostly Saint Germain. I'm just as surprised as everybody else. It's a really, I don't, I don't. I don't, I'm not completely 100% in my body in the first place. 

Okay, and I don't know what's coming through and even when they're coming out because there's a process. Let me briefly give you a, please. I was gonna ask you about how to get into a trance state and what the real processes will sit once I'm in the cabinet.

And yes, I do this spontaneous, where I'm not in the cabinet like I did with Wayne Dyer. I did it just right in front of them before he went into the cabinet. The first part of it anyway. And so, St. Germain will have located objects that he's going to Through that they have been programmed and energized for specific people from their guides and master teachers. And he then puts it on this makeshift table and Shambala. It has kind of a bowl and it's a table concave, okay? concave so it does, you know, step don't roll out or whatever. 

Then his heart opens up his heart chakra. And from that heart chakra, this silver energy will come out of his heart chakra into the Conclave of the table where the objects are. And then the objects including the table, really lose their physical appearance and in turn into their natural appearance, or, which is energy in motion.

Okay, so so this is the table concave table on St. Germain in Shambala, in the theoretic realm is there he's doing that there and it just turns into energy and then just reports where you are in the physical.

Well, then he lists the energy up with the will of the silver energy. And then this vortex opens up which looks like mercury that's moving in a counterclockwise motion.

Mercury, the planet or Mercury, the element, the element the liquid or Well, it's not really a liquid but it looks like a liquid, you know, which is interesting because a lot of free energy in ancient times has been tied to mercury. And Sir Isaac Newton. Most people obviously know him for the law, gravity, that's an ad, but he was actually more of a proponent instead you're of alchemy, and he actually died of mercury poisoning.

Yep. Yep.

alchemy is a lost art and that's what St. Germain is doing in the process of the application. So once the energy of these objects goes into the vortex Immediately appears through my body somewhere because space and time is has been folded into the same space and time which in reality is never separated. It's always been that way, right? Okay. And so then when it hits this what we call the third dimension, the air, you know the oxygen the light, it will turn into a gas from the energy into a gas and then into a fluid which people will see that part is that the ectoplasm Michael, is that the ectoplasm?

Well, it's a fluid, it goes through a fluid state it goes from a gas, the objects Okay, was from a from the energy to a gas to a fluid, and then it solidifies once it hits the light into the object and it was interesting and if you touch them too soon, they can do dissipate right away, you have to be careful. And, and so that's the process. And then I go back into the cabinet to kind of get myself together and again, people are organizing them. And then I come out and I call people up. And they receive an object with a message from there, from whoever gave it to them. And for healing for knowledge for the message, and also to get them to start thinking about what really is this world has to offer, you know, so and the first time I ever recorded myself as I was seven years old.

We can't afford it yourself. You mean you transitioned into a different dimension or time station? The first time I ported an object?

Okay, okay. Okay. Okay.

Yeah. Um,

I was playing in a dirt pile out behind my house.

And I was playing. I don't know kids don't do this anymore. But I was playing with army men. I did that. Yeah, we're good. Well you did, but I mean, the kids today they're playing with their little and hide stuff, you know, right? Um, even bicycles are becoming obsolete, right? 

So I started feeling this nauseousness in my stomach.

And then this cloud of ectoplasm came out of my stomach, about three feet in front of me three feet above the ground and this object drops into the dirt. And I pick it up and I look at it. I didn't know what it was. You know what kind of gemstone it was Iris. I'm all excited. I knew what it happened. I ran up to my mom. And she looks at it and immediately she thinks I stole it from someone she knew. She calls this person up because we had spent the weekend at this person's house to calls her up and says can you go look in your you know your jewelry box? And she looks she says no, no that my appetites still there from the medium Reinhardt. And so then my mom knew Oh, well, this, this happened. Well To this day, you know, I was when I was seven I'm 57 now 50 years ago. She sheets, I haven't seen it. She keeps it. It's awesome. What a great story, an 88 carat white Sapphire.

So two quick things, um, the ectoplasm So can you talk a little bit about what Ectoplasm is because I think that's something that many of my listeners may not have a concept of. I mean, we remember the movie Ghostbusters, where they talk about the ectoplasm. So what is it from a from the Ascended Masters perspective what would be best for people to go read Charles Roget's work because he's the one that actually coined the word ectoplasm. Hmm. Okay, but relative to what I know ectoplasm is really a lifeforce energy that comes from your soul through your seven bodies, past your silver cord into the physical body down into your nervous system, which gives us energy to keep things moving, like your heart beating, being able to breathe, having the nerve fluid to move through the nervous system, and everybody has that only one out of every millions child is born produces enough ectoplasm to produce phenomena on its own, right. And that's usually kids that have overactive adrenal glands. You Know the kid that that won't sit still right? No matter what you do plasm would be in a sense, like, key or ci or real. So an energy, lifeforce that's, that's used to create this or the chemical by-product of the soul. 

Okay. Interesting. I called that before. That's my analogy.

Okay. And the second thing I just wanted to point out to my listeners is that all these incredible it's not just jewels, its rings, it's all kinds of things that have like symbology. You give these to the people that are in the workshop. I mean, St. Germain is you mentioned brings these through with a message, and it's, I don't know, hundred thousand dollars or whatever it might be of jewels that you report in a workshop. And then one of your attendees gets one of these because it's specifically been gifted to you to bring into this realm for them is that correct?

Yes um, there's gemstones are mostly the what the objects that come through me because most of the people that come to my events are women. Ah, you know and women like those little sparkly gemstones every once in a while. silver dollars will come through, some of them still encased in plastic that never been touched. Wow. I'm different origins of the world I've had gold coins come through from a 10th of an ounce to a one-ounce gold coin. There's a couple of times that I have hoarded gold nuggets. And there are people can actually tell you where the nugget came from. So these nuggets actually came out of Alaska.  

Right, because I know that gold has a specific radiation signature that you can track to whichever mine in the world it came from.

Now the funny part of this is some people think I'm regurgitating this stuff right now. Especially when that Stephen star guy on British got talent and talent came out and started swallowing, pool balls and things like that. But any guests or biologists would tell you regurgitator is don't swallow the objects. For one thing that Sapphire I brought through was two and a half pounds. Not only was it bigger, a lot bigger than my esophagus. my esophagus would not have been able to push that up from my stomach.

You know, right, well into your point before we jumped on, it's a recording. You actually said it broke a tooth I believe because it was so shattered this tooth here and dislocated this job.

Wow, you think St. Germain would be like a game like or not? Like?

People have asked, Well, why would Ascended Master put you through that kind of pain? Well, they don't. It's by my choice for one thing, and I don't feel pain anymore during this process, because now, through the years of doing this my specific master teacher is Jesus, which is why I'm writing about it. It feels like he's holding my heart. You see? Hmm. And I don't feel the pain. Now. I do feel pressure. And sometimes it's uncomfortable. Now. I do feel the pain after like, like, for instance, when I was on the plane, my tooth was killing me. Right. My father wasn't really all that happy for a while, you know? And so, but every single person that comes

Every once in awhile, it's not the case, but most of the time everyone that comes will receive an object. St. Germain will make sure to the best of his abilities that everyone received something because there are 100 people in the room and one person doesn't get an object. That person's not going to be happy.

Yes, I can.

And it's also one point I wanted to finish.

I honestly can't afford to give away all this stuff. So you know, me Bert purchasing this stuff. I mean, people that are really close in my life right now are aware, you know that. I'm not buying this stuff. Right. You know, to give away. con men never give away their props in the first place. Right, but I'm no longer In the mode to try to prove myself or convince people are going to believe or not going to believe it's, it's what St. Germain says. We're proof is needed. no proof will suffice. We're proof is not needed. no proof is necessary.

So what is the craziest thing you've recorded Michael?

Besides a puppy, we already talked about the puppy.

Well, it's two things are actually three things.

About three and a half years ago. I have a video of this and I was going to post it, but I was warned and then I thought better of it. So I only give I've only given this video to a certain couple of people.

But in an event with the help of Saint Germain, ad ported a hamster out of my chest and a corn snake out of my mouth. The corn snake came first. Then the teddy bear hamster came out and he tried to escape now can you imagine these women were in the fifth row? What was happening with them when this little hamster was running across the carpet. And this wasn't excited conditions everybody saw it happen. And you can see it happen in the video. And, and we were told though, prior to the snake, we weren't told about the hamster.

And so we had that it happened. So that's the one of the things that I would say. And then the other was a set of It was a wooden box probably. Well, it was a pretty good-sized box up about maybe eight inches tall. Maybe 12 inches wide in both directions.

It was handmade and hand-carved.

Inside the box was some red velvet and you can tell that the material was old and laying in the red velvet was to handmade solid Silver Goblets and underneath where the stick underneath the stem where the thing that holds the goblets up was st remains Hallmark.

Wow, his is hearts.

Yeah, his Hallmark. Wow. And he

brought that through The bummer is that night someone broke into my temple install it.


And I knew I was I kept telling myself I should, I should turn around and go get it and take it home. But I wanted it to be in display so people can see it. Right?

Well, obviously St. Germain knew that. I mean, these people will probably needed it more than you did. There are no coincidences, right hand the way everything unfolds.

Now in regards to the message that comes through, if there's any more than 40 or 50 people, obviously, not everybody gets an individual message, right? It's more than that. Because I've had up to 503 people during an app that seance and everybody got an airport. But everybody got the same message.

Oh, right. So would you say that would be like maybe a soul group that for some reason got entangled and came together?

Well, keep in mind, past, present, and future so the Masters already know Who's coming? Right?

If you really sit down to think about all of this stuff, two things are going to happen. One is if you're having a glass of wine, you'll probably stop drinking. If you're not having a glass of wine, you might start drinking. If you really sit down to think about it, you know, because I mean, even Einstein knew something about all of this. That's where he left that unfinished formula. MC square equals two, right? 

That's an unfinished formula, and we still haven't been able to figure it out. But the answer to his formula, I believe, has a lot to do with a lot of what we're doing, but it's not just me. There are other people doing it. You know, there's other mediums that I've met from physical mediums to mental mediums. I even met a medium that did mediumship with her toes.

How do you do mediumship with your toes? That's

I have no idea how she was doing it, but it was working.

And yeah, and then you have the one that's kind of playful. And that's the table tipping.

You know, right. Right. Right. Right. For sure. Yes. Yes. So jumping back to what I got one quick question and then kind of a wrap-up question because I've had you on for about an hour and I could talk to you for two or three hours and hopefully we get a chance to do this again and didn't dive deeper. 

I do want to mention before I ask this next question is you can find Michael at Michael Shane calm and it's — m y ch e l s h n e 

So Michael with a Y. 

And he's got his training courses up there. He's got a YouTube channel. Yeah, so just really cool stuff. So if you want to go down this rabbit hole, I highly recommend you check Michael out because, well I'm fairly well versed in quantum physics. 

Michael has actually blown my mind a little bit as well as I saw in the puppy thing that just and now I think but the God was in St. Germain and the snake I'm just like, wow, the snake, just kind of wondering what kind of reaction the women in the room and with the snake.

They had more of a reaction with the hamster than they did the snake. That's right. Now I have asked the Masters not to do any more live objects through my physical body anymore. Because I actually ended up taking on the fear that the snake was having.

Oh, wow, I can see that sick for two weeks. So I that The Masters, you know, no more of that. But I do want to say in October coming up the end of September through the second week of November, I'm going to be in Detroit, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Erie, Pennsylvania, Rochester, New York, and the lily Dale area, which is called Cassadaga, New York to go on a road trip, and because, you know, as we all know, US citizens are not allowed to go to any other countries, right.

So I'm doing this road trip, where we will be following the COVID guidelines and all that for those out there that are wondering about that. So that's coming up, if anyone's in those areas that might want to check it out. out. They can get ahold of me like you said, either at info at Michael Shane calm or Michael at Michael Shane calm and just go to my website which is Michael chain calm.

Okay, fantastic. Yeah, it's exciting and you do so much more than what we just had a chance to talk about getting into psychometry and other things and I guess it depends on where and what people want to learn from you from healing techniques to the mediumship to it, I'm just fascinated that you just have this collection of gifts. So let me kind of jump back and ask a question because one of the things that struck me because we talked about heart math, and the heart chakra and the high heart, but you talked about going into the gentleman's throat chakra, why the throat chakra, were you that something divine guidance? Were you able to see the Leukemia I mean, I would think that you would?

chakra is where the silver cord connects to the physical body which is at the base of the skull, okay. And the silver cord is what gives us physical life. Once that is severed physical death occurs, but it takes up to in earth language three days, which goes to the issue of, you know, Jesus rising in three days or no, there's a lot of things that happens in threes. Number three itself, but there are people that have been pronounced dead and then two or three days later they're waking up in the freezer, you know, you've heard stories,

right? It actually back in Europe, but in the I know my mom's from a very old town for the 1700s in North Carolina, Beaufort, and they actually had bells that you where you're buried, and you could pull a string and a bell would ring above ground in case they buried you while you're still alive to your point which is People were really feared of that, which is where the outcome of embalming comes in place. So you don't wait no, come back. Right. And, you know, plus there were all kinds of stuff that people are afraid of death, but death is no different than being born. It's just being born into a different reality leaving, you know, one room to go into the next room. Right? But the only thing about death that I worry about is I don't want it to hurt.

Exactly. Well, there's that glass of wine again. I do have one final question because it just dawned on me which because you're talking about the silver cord attaching to the back above the neck, which is really the ninth chakra and that's what I've been taught the mouth of God. I'm just wondering about your thoughts of the importance and we may go down a rabbit And we may just you might want to say, well, Joe, we'll just table that. But I'm just curious about the importance of the pineal gland because I personally, my guides have shown me the pineal gland is not all that important. It's really just kind of a whole concept, but I'm just curious how you look at the pineal gland because there's such a heavyweight and burden that's put on you've got to decalcify you got to do this getting that and one of the things my guides had showed me was no just go up in the etheric, you have your third body there's no calcification there as an example, well the first thing I want to say is if you go down that rabbit hole, my rabbits will talk to you. Nice.  

Okay, so the petite the deal and pituitary glands are not actually for the physical body. It is a tool that is brought in from the ethereal realm to be used. As we start to develop, for instance, if you were to take a four-dimensional or three-dimensional picture of the inside of the brain, beyond the physical mass part, all the little synopsises and stuff. In the middle, there is an empty dark space which holds room for us to evolve. And the pineal, the pituitary gland is there for that very reason. Plus, it also helps you connect to the gifts which come from the ethereal realm by nature, to help you produce the site to see certain things that are in the future, but you're not actually traveling into the future. The future is already right there. Right. Okay. So the argument is whether they were important or not, relative to the physical part of it, probably not so much. But when it comes to the bigger picture, they're very important. It's like, it's kind of like the appendix. 

You know, medicine doesn't really know its true purpose. But one of the things that I've been told is it is a cleansing area for ectoplasm as it goes to the Kundalini, which helps us develop our creativity, and the seances and the mediumship part of the ectoplasm as well. But if you end up losing that, it bypasses that organ and goes directly to the Kundalini. And that could be a tough scenario because now you're getting the whole whack on your, on your Kundalini, instead of it just being gradually and cleaned.

Right? Exactly like it'll gain whack a mole. Right, just for you.

Yeah. You know. So there's a lot to understand about the physical body and I, personally, I'm not well versed in what that is. I'm a medium, not a doctor, you know, or a scientist. I get certain information from my guides and master teachers. But if they gave me too much information, especially stuff that I couldn't possibly understand, that would change the whole direction of where I'm supposed to go karmically. So, um, you know, I'm not, I'm not a brain person. I'm really good at history. But when it comes to math and things of that nature, I just best stay out of those conversations.

I agree. I'm playing with the abacus myself. So with that, thank you, Michael. It's been a pleasure. 

So again, Michael Michael m y ch a e l s h a n e.com  

He's got these courses. Gosh, if you're in the upper part of the US I think he mentioned area Indiana, Rochester, New York, which is kind of like a foreign country with that…

Erie, Pennsylvania…

Oh, Erie, Pennsylvania.  

Okay. Okay, so and I guess all of this is on your website. I don't have that pulled up in front of me right now.

Not yet

But I haven't actually added anything to my website for a long time. Because I've been having problems with it with the emails and stuff and but I am planning on attempting to put these dates now that I've received them today. on there so people can go to that or if they don't see it on my website, they can get a hold of me through the website. Well, and then ask or befriend me on, on messenger. And I would just you know, you gotta say who they are. Don't just leave right there. You know? And make sure they have a profile because they don't have a profile. I don't approve it.

Perfect. Yeah, that's exactly how I connected with you originally was on Facebook. So thank you. It's been a mind-expanding, conscious expanding experience just visiting with you just wow. I mean, what can I say is, and I would say that anybody that probably sits in your presence is going to have just this vibe of fluid energy that just kind of ignites their whole structure as you're reporting so what an experience I look forward to meeting you in person and hopefully get a chance to join one of these workshops in the near future.

I look forward to thanks for tuning in evolutionary trees. Enjoying the show? Please rate and recommend Joe and the harmonic evolution podcast on iTunes, overcast, or wherever you tune in. Be sure to tell a friend and share these evolutionary insights you learned today with your tribe. Become an emissary for evolution. You can get more great evolutionary insights to expand your consciousness at www dot Joe heller.com. Be sure to tune in to our next episode. 

Until then, May there heavens been shine brightly upon you. 

As always, this show is offered to you in love

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