Soul Mirrors

soul mirrors by joe heller


My heart, the conductor of love, is jaded, now only creating a reality of encroaching shadows. As these shadows expand from my core, I infect all who carry the same inherent spiritual creation power of the cosmos thrusting our world into perpetual darkness. The light of my heart dimming, I live in a world of sin where erred light casts a dreary spell upon the world. This confused and darkened power I let take control, created by my mind ravages my heart's light; casting a shadow to hide my own heart's light from me.

Eons have passed since I left Eden in this last century of humanity. As each lifetime closes, I re-imagine the magnificence of the Garden (Eden) I stare into black obsidian reflecting a glimpse of my Soul contemplating my separation from my beloved source. As darkness seeps in around me and I realize my eyes, ever mysterious, are the mirrors of my Soul showing my future to me. I see glimpse aspects of who I am; carrying the light of my Angelic origins. With this gift of my Soul, the light in my eyes now shines with the radiance of pure Love. A radiance is blossoming from within, shining even more brightly as I evolve into the Love of my Angelic heritage.

The darkened power of the mind ravages the light of my heart casting a shadow to hide the light within me. Saddened, I reach to Spirit to asking to remember the core of my Soul? LOVE. I know within my heart, I AM of Angelic origin.

I am the Projector, the creator of this darkened reality.

I choose differently. The light of my Soul giving forth the illuminated power of God. Now is the time to live from my heart, to light the heart's radiant path back to the Garden.

My eyes open the first lifetime in millennia. I can see beyond being the Neutral Observer. I take upon myself the gift of Projector who carries the charge of Love within. I claim my birthright to see things from the mirror reflecting from God's eyes.

I imagine what the world would be if my heart ruled. How could my life and the lives of all be transformed and bathed in love with no Hell below us? What if within this barren island of mental constructs (consciousness) I tapped into the pure power of my heart?

Living in the present, I slay the Serpent of the mind (mindfulness) to find my way home. I exist within the essence of the purest of love (heartfulness). No religion. These eyes of mine are a mirror allowing me to peer into my awakening Soul. As I step into love, I polish the mirrors in my eyes to see my light in a new way. I now remember who I once was before I left the Garden on the journey to expand the light of God.

I remember being born into the love, light, and fire of amazing grace, living in a state of heartfulness. Once in my God state, I actualize bliss through the power of love. My sight ascends to look upon the horrid tragedies of this world the mind created now through loving eyes. My eyes take on a new light as I stare in the obsidian mirror. I realize what I reflect and what I project from my mind are the causation of duality. I cannot see the whole when I create the suffering I find within duality.

The mind creates duality; the heart is seen as one. The mind is a trickster binding love with logic. The heart knows no boundaries. My Soul stirs as it projects love where there was none. Duality fades from my sight. I see the beauty in all things, healing duality when the tragedy strikes. You and I are Spirit, the Angelic breath of God, I see beauty knowing no harm will ever befall any person clothed in our false skins.

I breathe deeply in striving to reach for a higher form of love not known for millennia on Earth. I ask myself if I am living a heart-based life. Am I in harmony with love? How will I be judged by God if my heart does not prevail in this epic battle of light overshadow?

Moments before I existed in a land far from my heart, trapped within the reality of my mind where suffering was created. My mind casts a shadow over my heart, so it no longer sees the truth. In this reality, I create compassion the dualistic opposite of suffering. My heart closed off from the light, its outward radiance limited by the mind who's given control to the ego.

Do I feel the warmth of the sun as I walk towards the East? Do I fail to see the harmonic scale? measuring my thoughts, words, and actions against the pure love of God? Will I allow myself to remain trapped in the illusion or will I pierce the veil wrapped around my heart to escape? These obsidian mirrors allow me to measure my heart's growth, and live free of karmic debt, forever escaping the trap of mindfulness.

Only by opening this powerful inner force within my spiritual heart can project this infinite Angelic love burning deep within me. The fire of love burns off the falsities of the beliefs keeping the illusion alive. Projecting my Soul's love will I find my way out of this place? Will I endeavor to reach a better life for you and me by charging the illusion with love? Yes. I promise.

This great remembering restores my role as a Projector of the living light for all. I eradicate all places where shadow lives to liberate the pure heart once again. This is how you and I transform the world back to the Garden whence we came. We are projectors of the reality in which we live.

Ascending into this great transfiguration, I must fall in love with myself like it was the first time I fell in love. A love that will last forever, a love that will never let me fall back into the depths of shadow. This God Love is only conjured from the purest of hearts. Each of us can attain this sacred love. Attaining this love I step back to see the rich oneness in the world whence we all came.

For ten thousand years humans were wrongly taught by gurus to be the Observer. However, the Observer can never tap into the full potential of love because it is not the final destination on the path. The Observer sees the chargeless neutrality of indifference; a place to aspire where hate is removed. Yet there is more beyond indifference as we tap into the highest essence of Love. Know the Observer lives as an aspect of the mind, not in the heart. The Observer lives in a world of duality and robs you of the infinite Love of your heritage.

Battle lines were drawn, the quest for the expansion of God's Love is at hand. The ones who will prevail re-image the world as it once was in the eyes of God, seeing the Garden in all things. I now radiate the essence of the highest love to all for I know I can only be complete by finding the love of God within me. No greed or hunger, only the sacred tribe of humankind. The return to the Garden is within our grasp, step forth, walk heart first.

Welcome to the Harmonic Human Movement where the world will be as one. I Love You All <3

I would love to hear your thoughts on how eyes can be the Mirrors to our Souls, so please lovingly share your comments below.

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