Rituals vs Habits

rituals vs habits by joe heller


The Moon is high overhead; I can see every detail of her as she illuminates the valley below. The drums of the sacred ceremony are beating to the rhythm of the vast heart within the Earth. I feel my heart beating in sync as I dance around the fire watching golden embers rise into the night's sky. I dance to honor the heart divine within.

This ancient ritual connects my sacred heart to the Earth's. Most who talk about rituals fail to understand them fully. Ritual, a practice long forsaken, a loss which played in the fall of man. Why have we closed our hearts to ritual? Ritual connects one with the Divine, the sacredness within each of us. Ritual brings the heart-based connection between man and God.

Why have we forsaken the ritual? The answer is simple, as Prometheus stole the fire from the gods, so did the elite steal rituals to keep their immense power from you and me only to supplant them with a watered-down version we call habits. However, habits are of man, removing one's connection with Grace.

Why did the elite establish habits? Habits are head-based whereby rituals are heart-centric. Habits are used to propel us even deeper within the trap of the rat race. Only to realize when I win the [rat] race, I am still a rat forever lost in the wilderness.

Existing on the physical plane, habits truly are the downfall of man. I ask myself how far can we fall from grace? Habits were created by man to control man by stealing his access to God. Habits are like the grooves in a road forever keeping naive on a blind path stuck, and forever bound in the groove. Habits leave a person dry, wilted, as they exist in the desert of greed focusing on the external with no chance of salvation.

The elites are keeping the knowledge of ritual for themselves. After all, rituals are the ?real? secret possessed by the elites. Ritual has been handed down in secret societies to control the hearts and minds of men while leading the masses to the false oasis where wealth, abundance, success, and power are the norm.

A habit, no matter how profound, has its essence in nail-biting minutia, whereas ritual has the power to connect with the Divine weaving form with the ether to create magnificence. Ritual connects us to something higher, the infinite within going beyond the boundaries of the wilderness.

I like to think of ritual as the original Internet that connects us to something greater than ourselves. Rituals are powerful, the most powerful resource we have as humans. Prayer without invoking ritual is simply empty words, a prayer with ritual receives the charge of the Divine applied to the request. Those who master this powerful resource have the ability to transform both their life and the entire world.

Rituals are a gift from God, practiced by those most connected to God itself. Activating the sacred nature with them, a Shaman, Rabbi, or a Priest does not use a habit when calling on the Divine.

The choice is a simple one. Exist in a living hell with my life focused on habits; always driving me to look outside of myself for excessive gain over my neighbor, or I can choose to transform my life with the power of the divine ascending upwards to find inner peace, joy, and harmony by empowering the use of rituals.

The most brilliant people who ever lived searched for the elusive philosopher's stone. This alchemical pursuit was hidden outwardly in the power of turning lead into gold. The real quest was ?Internal Alchemy? unleashing the power of the divine through ritual. Today, the new generation of Harmonic Humans are ?re-discovering? the power of internal alchemy through the ancient art of ritual.

Rituals are the alchemical key bridging the physical plane with the universal plane to tap into the full potentiality of the Universe. Ritual is the ?real? secret that I apply to create success in my life merging the physical plane with Spirit. Rituals connect me with my Highest Self as I step into meditation, bless our food, or pray for the world. I use ritual to quicken the connection of my heart with the Divine.

Rituals cover a wide scope of practices and can be societal, cultural, fraternal, family-based, personal, tribal. Rituals allow you and me to step fully into the rhythm of the Universe.

Ritual sparks transformation of the individual to potentiate an experience thereby increasing the power, effect, or likelihood of. Rituals have an incredible influence leading to more positive outcomes create a more meaningful life. Rituals create an induction (i.e., birth/creation) or resonance with Spirit. Rituals serve as preparatory, symbolic, or palliative (relieving suffering) constituting or constructing an interference pattern that creates a heartfully altered worldview beyond what mindfulness can imagine. Rituals are self-meditations tapping into the invisible to increase the relationship between the person activating the ritual and the thing to be created. Rituals activate all the senses in and outside of the form to deepen any experience.

The elite who imprisoned our minds with habits gluttonously practice rituals within the highest and most secretive of groups from the Masons to the Illuminati. Thus, now is the time to take our power back! The time is to embrace God's greatest earthly gift? the art of ritual. Let's open our hearts and drink deep from our Souls to take back control of our lives!

As our body is a temple; so shall we harness the power of ritual within the mightiest temple of God. All you have to do is open your heart and connect your words with the emotion of love to manifest actions in the name of the one most holy.

Welcome to the Harmonic Human Movement where the world will be as one. I Love You All <3I would love to hear your thoughts on the trap of habits versus heart-driven rituals connection with the divine, so please lovingly share your comments below.

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