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Harmonic Evolution Teachings

Learn the Secrets of Harmonic Evolution, The Law of Attunement
Your Path to Actualize Your Evolutionary Potential

Joe Heller, Visionary Teacher

Inspiring thousands of people over his engagements to be courageous, living without fear to tap into this ancient science of manifesting to harmonically evolve. These techniques in human alchemy are proven to help anyone who applies them grow stronger and live a life of wealth, abundance, success and prosperity.

Joe is the rare trainer capable of coupling personal growth with human alchemy which is why he is invited to present on the world's top stages. Teaching his WASP Rituals on stages around the world have allowed him to give back and change the lives of millions of people.

Joe's presentations offer you deep insights into creating a mystical life that matters, allowing you to give back. Live at a higher vibration to transform your life and alter your destiny though the power of rituals.

Harmonic Evolution Presentations

Joe's Signature Harmonic Evolution
 Topics and Presentations include: 

  • The Law of Attunement - Your Path To Evolution 
  • Ritualology - The Hidden Secrets
  • Harmonic Health - The BioEtheric Temple

Joe travels from Texas. Contact Joe for his keynote fee for travel within North America and for international engagements.

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Joe Heller's Harmonic Teachings for the Evolutionary

Imagine having the perfect life and then one day your world is ripped from you. Through a series of events Joe received 5 Awakenings. Tumbling down the rabbit hole a shift happened forever altering the reality of who he was and how he viewed the world.

These awakenings showed Joe the power of frequency, known as Harmonic Evolution. These forgotten and sometimes forbidden powers are awakened through the heart rituals. Rituals are an ancient technology, the technology of the creator. Only the most powerful people though out history had access to from Egyptian Priests to Shaman. Even today ONLY members of elite society understand their power of rituals. The wealthy and the powerful practice rituals from the Founding Fathers of the United States to members of Secret Societies. Our ancestors knew this infinite power which Joe now shares how to access this power to change lives.

Joe shares powerful stories and examples how to create a magical life once right things (rituals) are applied in the right ways anyone can unlock untold abundance through the power of WASP Rituals. Joe is a living architect of how to tap into ascension frequencies of rituals that have been gifted to him by accessing his past lives.
*** W.A.S.P. is an acronym for Wealth Abundance Success Prosperity.

Dedicated to the ascension of consciousness, Joe was given the gift of Ritualology(tm) by our ancestors. Rituals are the act of increasing harmonic resonance bridge the gap between cosmic and the physical plane allowing us to communicate with the in visible. These same gifts are taught in Joe's presentations by outlining step by step how to follow his framework for manifesting and creating abundance.

Now anyone who is dedicated to 'the way' can learn the infinite power of WASP Rituals and change one's life forever.

Now you can learn how to invoke and activate your God Spark (tm) and allow Wealth, Abundance, Success and Prosperity to come into your life. Book Joe Today!

Jim Rohn, International Teacher,
The World's Business Philosopher

"Joe is one of the best upcoming talents I've seen in years. I am impressed with his knowledge, ability to communicate, and desire to help others succeed! If I was in starting my business today, I'd choose Joe as my guide."

Robert Stuberg, EVP Nightingale Conant,

"Joe is outstanding; truly an extraordinary leader who is one of today's most sought-after speakers. His inspiring message open new exponential possibilities with these incredible teachings. "

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