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harmonic evolution coaching

Harmonic Evolution Coaching

Prosperity Coaching awakens your inner power in every area of your life by awakening the godforce within you. A step-by-step framework designed for you to step into your power to live fabulously and be wildly successful. now is your time to become a conscious creator, become unstoppable and live an epic life. Create a positive difference in the world by 'becoming' more -- live without fear, discover your life's purpose to forever transform your life.
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harmonic evolution mastermind

Harmonic Evolution Mastermind

Prosperity Mastermind forges the foundational "state of mind" of the foremost evolutionary. These essential teachings cultivate how to think, feel and act like a master who gains agreement with source. These teachings connect you with the way to forge success into your DNA. A coaching platform designed to teach the framework of my WASP [wealth, abundance, success, power] model to those who are accepted into the program.
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Joe's Elite One-on-One Elite Coaching Program ~ Harmonic Evolution provides individuals committed to becoming an evolutionary and making a difference a vehicle in advancing their lives. Members receive VIP access to all of Joe's seminars and events, a half-day "Wish Day" with Joe in his office, private cell and email access, and more. The Harmonic Evolution Coaching Program is currently sold out with a three month-long waiting list. The waiting list is prioritized by members of Joe's mastermind group, Harmonic Mastermind (see below), and alumni from Joe Heller's events.

Joe Heller advises world-class entrepreneurs and business leaders on evolutional strategies to accelerate your evolution. Dedicated to expanding consciousness, blossom those ready to be awakened and serve all.

About Prosperity Mastermind
Joe created Prosperity Mastermind to give more people access to his events, strategy calls, and twice-a-year private mastermind retreats. Joe's Prosperity Coaching and Prosperity Mastermind programs are open only to alumni of Joe Heller's events. To inquire about either program, contact us here.

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