Grand Illusion

grand illusion by joe heller


Welcome to the Grand Illusion commonly referred to as the matrix. A realm occupied with those, who in a waking sleep, travel through this nether-land lifetime after lifetime with eyes wide open and yet cannot see! Fooled by those in control, ?they? pull me deeper into the illusion. What did I forsake to watch my angelic world fall away?

I hear my footsteps echoing in the world of darkness. Who's there? I dwell in darkness, without true sight, defying the light within. How can I see without sight? Blinded by the grand illusion, I stumble, not seeing beyond the path I walk. The illusion has permeated every aspect of who I am.

In the darkness, I exist. I see the pain of the world, I see the suffering surrounding me, yet fail to see the love of my soul within the all.

With my true sight taken from me, I dwell in the illusion of human sight. I walk blindly sleeping only seeing the differences between you and me, failing to see the pure beauty within each of us, my dear brothers and sisters. How can I ?see beyond' this waking sleep?

I fail to embrace my angelic sight as I walk the path of old, the burdens of this path keep me from my divinity. Penalized by my forgetfulness. This love I feel like a human craving the touch of another damned me to continue my fall from the garden forever keeping me blind.

My sight begins to return.

The darkness of the illusion has hidden my soul?s light. The sun, a false light within the illusion, seeks to claim its place. My eyes are the windows to my soul allowing another to look deeply into who I am.

In my current slumber, these eyes of mine allow only a glimpse of the magnificence of my soul. How I desire to find the one true light beyond the grand illusion!. My birthright. I dream of igniting the soul's flame once again to see my brothers and sisters in their radiant form, embracing the light that creates all light.

Dare I see this truth hidden for eons! I grasp visions of the world closest to this mortal world within my sight. I am nearly there, yet fail to take the final step on the path of relinquishing my chains. I ponder what is love when I know the highest love lives within the depths of my soul hidden from me. True love ever trying to emerge, and yet I have let the intellect of this reality lead me down a false path. Mindfulness has corrupted this path. I must feel love, not know love. I choose the illuminated path of filling my heart with love? Heartfulness.

I choose to see the beauty in all things when confronted with the diversionary term ?mindfulness? as it tries to keep me imprisoned. Intelligence feeds the ego disguised as mindfulness. Shunning the illusion, I choose to walk the way of my angelic heritage in purity with an open heart. I walk heart first.

Restored faith in angelic love, I now see my liberation from the suffering. Upon this realization, I stepped into a church along my way, I dropped to my knees and began to pray. An angel appeared looking into my heart to see I what I desired most, reclaiming the garden [Eden] within my heart. Seeing beyond my sheath of eons lost, she embraced me as her brother with an anointing to help me find my way home. I walked into the church, and the sky was gray. I walked out to see the light of the ?son' illuminating my path.

What is this clear sight rising within me, light flowing from the essence of my soul, gifting me the insight of my harmonic heart, allowing me the ability to see the truth beyond all that lays before me?

I now see humans were given intelligence to act as the caretaker for the heart. A guardian, yet somewhere lifetimes ago this guardian known as ?intelligence? rose up and imprisoned God's most gracious gift? LOVE. The mission of intellect was to care for creation; to allow us to expand our ability to walk heart first; the rhythm of the soul to walk in love, to see the beauty in all things.

You see, the world I see is a direct reflection of the world I hold within my heart. Yes, my eyes can see mortal beauty yet fall short of embracing the highest love of my soul deep within me. This love, a love of our heritage, of gods' forgotten, an angelic love was stolen from you and me millennia ago when I was infused into this sheath (human body) to walk this earth. Trapped within the illusion until I figured out the riddle keeping me imprisoned here?

My sight clearing, I see an opening to expand what I knew before I forgot my magnificence. I ask myself:? Is it possible to experience this elusive Angelic Love in mortal form??

There is more to this mystery still to be stripped from the clutches of the ego. The eyes do more than see; they are projectors. They are the creators of this reality. To see beauty, I must project beauty. I must cast a mystical spell over the all to regain my clear sight self-anointing them all to see the beauty of God within all. My remembered sight attunes my heart to the pulse of God, the evolution, the shift from ego to presence. It is the catalyst for the harmonic evolution of humankind.

The essence of clear sight is the ability to see beyond the shroud of falsehood that has encased my soul for millennia. I see the mirror within my eyes, the sacred mirror of my soul to produce and freely share high-frequency vibrations of the one true God. Only with clear sight can I actualize? I am the I AM becoming aware of itself,? finding the faith to emerge from my walking sleep. Now I see my true self in you, my love, my beauty, my god-self. I am home seeing the beauty in all things.

Time is at hand for us to remember the cosmic dance in order to reflect itself and burn the sheath off my eyes for my clear sight to return. I receive the nourishment of this angelic heritage and project the vibration of God to them all with this remembered sight.

The angel shared with me the blessing she anointed me with that allowed me to see beyond the illusion. Opening a doorway long shut, she said: ?humans must desire the expansion of light within to expand the light of consciousness, for consciousness can expand only expand if humans expand the light within?. These next steps in our evolution will be as harmonic humans who find their way to expand the light in the darkness is the carries of God's holy love here on earth.

Blessed are the angels, blessed are you and I for we are the caretakers of God's holy gift, who have undertaken this path to extend what was perfect to see, what could not be seen in the garden? the expansion of Love, Light, and Fire.

Welcome to the holiest of paths, the path of the heart for those anointed as Harmonic Humans to awaken the Heartfulness in the All. I Love You All <3

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