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Joe Heller, Conductor.
Visionary Teacher

JOE HELLER is one of the most widely followed personal transformation teachers of our time. A master of ancient and sacred science, he is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer and coach dedicated helping ever person create transformation to live an abundant life.

After losing everything Joe received 5 Awakenings. A gift from beyond the physical plane. These awakenings created a shift in Joe, altering the reality of his world view showing him the sacred power of rituals. Now you can tap into this ancient technology practiced by our ancestors to harmonize with the oneness of all things to create balance, wellness and longevity.

Joe is a living architect of how to tap into ascension frequencies of harmonics through rituals that have been gifted to him by accessing his past lives. Dedicated to the ascension of consciousness, Joe was given the gift of Harmonic Evolution by our ancestors. Rituals are the act of increasing harmonic resonance bridge the gap between cosmic and the physical plane allowing us to communicate with the invisible.

  • Joe Heller

    Harmonic Human, Conductor, Ritualologist, Luminary, Visionary, Mystic, Alchemist, Catalyst, Transformer, Teacher whose mission is to provide an interactive, experiential study environment for individual and collective transformation. Harnessing ancient ideas in a new era encapsulating spirituality, science and nutrition to create a ‘harmonic’ culture to drive personal prosperity. Harmonic Evolution works towards one’s higher purpose to ascend spiritually while living to one’s highest potential in this lifetime.

Who Is Joe Heller?

The story unfolds as Joe accidentally tumbled down the 'rabbit hole' to begin his journey. A successful business person and serial entrepreneur Joe has raised millions of dollars in venture capital, built companies, generated $287 million in revenues, presented to the most prestigious CEO's on the planet speaking internationally to Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Vistage, and Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) Chapters. A true success story until Joe lost everything... his business, his money, and after a divorce he slept in his car before his brother took him in.

Lost, Joe sought answers to questions about his purpose and to understand why bad things happen to good people? The same questions we all ask. As the universe intervened it turned Joe's life upside down. His quest to understand led him to a woman, a Shaman from Bolivia who transcended time and space before him. Assisting him she gave Joe access to his past lives to guide him. Now an outcast in the business world with this newly awakened knowledge he saw the world differently no longer fitting into the bindings of the corporate world.

With the gift of past lives showing Joe ancient secrets he now asks a different question -- How can I serve and defend my tribe, and the planet?

Reluctantly, a contract was made. With his newly acquired knowledge of these ancient and lost rituals taught so long ago he was reminded "rituals" are the bridge to one's higher self - to spi-ritual-ity.

Dedicated to helping others create Abundance, Success and Prosperity in every area of life for those who are ready to welcome these harmonic teachings into their life.

Joe serves those who seek ascension, prosperity, and abundance by teaching the technology of the gods. The gift of evolving harmonically is transferred to you through Joe's teachings.

Challenging all to invoke and activate one's inner spark to welcome and allow Wealth, Abundance, Success and Prosperity into one's life.


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